HSC Indonesia 2022


When is the closing date for application of Hyundati Start-up Challenge Indonesia 2022?
How will I know if our application is successfully submitted?
Is the application form should be submitted in English?
When is the announcement of 15 selected teams?
We do not have legal entity for our business. Are we eligible to apply?
Our business is still on ideation process. Are we eligible to apply?
I do not have team for my business. Am I eligible to apply?
We have received grant for our business previously. Are we eligible to apply?
Our business operates in Indonesia but our market segment is not in Indonesia. Are we eligible to apply?
We have limited company status for our business. Can we upload the establishment certificate as part of our application form?
What kind of document that I can upload on the application form?
Will we receive an email after we submit our application form?
The size of our document is bigger than 10 MB. Can we send it to [email protected]?
Does my business have to fall into the specified sector category? (Environment, Healthcare, Employment and Electric Vehicles)
If my application is selected, what is the next phase?
What is the requirement to apply for Hyundai Start-up Challenge Indonesia 2022?
Will acceleration program be conducted online?
Is there any limitation for team members to participate during acceleration program?
Could the selected finalists from last year (15 finalists) or the year before (10 finalists) rejoin HSC 2022?