About Us

Hyundai Motor Group

Senior Manager of Hyundai Motor Group, Robert Baek

Hyundai Motor Group is supporting entrepreneurs in Indonesia to achieve their dreams. We strive to make a better future for innovation to build the foundation of growth. Indonesia is one of the youngest countries in the world. I want to make a better society with Indonesia's youth. Hyundai Startup Challenge will be a valuable ground to fulfill our wishes. Let’s be together~!

Impact Alliance

Director of Impact Alliance, Iljoo Jeon

Impact Alliance is founded on a mission to build a community of people who strive to solve social problems. We believe that the core of building the community are entrepreneurs, and our role is to provide a safe environment for challenge. I have faith in every team's mission and how critical and important they are in bringing a better society for all.

Crevisse Partners

Director of Crevisse Partners, Wonyoung Kim

Crevisse Partners was established in 2004 with its mission to make the world more sustainable. We believe that everyone has the potential to impact the world and our role is to awaken those potentials. Our passion lies in entrepreneurship and start-up companies with purpose driven. I support everyone who challenges and I hope this program helps in the journey.


CEO of Instellar, Romy Cahyady

Instellar is a purpose driven company which helps businesses be more impactful, sustainable, and scalable. Working as a catalyst, consultant, and connector, Instellar helps corporate, civil society organizations, social enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and non-profits to create a bigger and deeper impact in the society through sustainable business models. Instellar has so far worked with over 140 impact businesses in Indonesia, in collaboration with funders from Singapore, Korea, Australia, United States, and Europe. In Hyundai Startup Challenge 2021, Instellar hopes to further enable impact businesses in Indonesia especially in education, employment, and environment sectors to scale up their businesses and impact effectively through a combination of mentorship and business advisory workshops.

Indonesia Creative City Network

Deputy of Strategic Partnership, Dwinita Larasati

Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN) is a hub organisation that has connected creative initiatives and communities in more than 210 cities from all over Indonesia. All ICCN members are committed to implement the 10 Principles of Indonesia Creative Cities that put forward the spirit of Collaboration, Solidarity, Inclusivity, Innovation, and Integrity in all its strategic plans and programs. We see ourselves as “A Network That Creates”, since we believe that we can only move forward together by supporting and complementing each element within an inclusive and sustainable creative economy ecosystem. We are convinced that intriguing challenges would provide the crucial phases for us to grow, to thrive, and to achieve our impactful goals.